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We generally classify hair-loss under two main heading:

1-Genetic hair loss: where genetic factors play role

2-Non-Genetic hair loss: where other than genetic factors play role.Medical and Health

As genetic hair loss is determined by genetic tendency and testosterone activity, it might last very long even for entire life but we do not expect further extensive hair loss & hair thinning after ages 35-40’s comparing your testosterone active ages of 18-35, as the circulating testosterone level tends to reduce after age 35. This kind of hair loss does not show linear progress, it has a fluctuating feature and might be also triggered accordingly your mood stress levels. During highly stressed periods it might peak and soon after it might reduce by the reducing of negative energy in your life; it might even stop for a while.

So, the course of genetic hair loss is quite unpredictable. In this regard, are we totally helpless at least to predict the upcoming hair loss? Thanks God but no! We may assume these hair loss periods like Tsunami waves, that’s why it makes sense to predict these waves before they hit! There are some
signs of future, approaching hair loss. So, what are these signs: you may feel itchiness, soreness, burning like sensation and/or sensitivity on all over your scalp. Once you feel any of these signs you should ask your experts help to prevent further hair loss/hair thinning. These signs are almost the same for non- genetic hair loss causes.

We are here to assist you, so you are not totally helpless!

Take care
Dr. Cagatay SEZGIN
Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic