Unfortunately, Health insurances do not cover hair transplantation and cosmetic procedures.

At Dr. Çağatay Sezgin Clinic, we offer our patients Hair Treatments and Hair Transplantation operations for scalp and facial hair.

Yes, women also suffer from hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia or they might need to strengthen their existing hair.
Hair transplantation or hair treatment services are also provided for our female patients.

Initially, you can contact us and schedule your appointment for consultation.

If you are living in another city or country you can send your photos for online consultation. After online consultation, our patient coordinators will get in touch with you and inform you about the next steps. You may learn more about the following steps on our hair transplantation services page.

Yes, we provide hair transplantation services including; airport pick-up and drop-off services, hotel accommodation, hotel-clinic transportation, and translators for our international patients.

It takes around 6 – 9 hours but for several individual and technical reasons a next day continuation might be needed.

It’s done under local anesthesia. We do several blood tests to check whether the individual is fit for surgery or not.

No, since hair transplant operations are performed under local anesthesia, you don’t feel any pain.

Everyone older than 18 years is a potential candidate. As long as you are healthy and do not have severe health issue you can go under HT procedure. Your surgeon will decide after consultation and seeing your pre-operative blood tests.

If you’re planning to have a second operation on previously transplanted areas. We recommend to wait around 18 months but for the rest 4-5 months would be fair enough.

During the operation, we protect the grafts, which are extracted from the donor area, under ideal conditions by preserving them in a special solution and cooling process that maintains the appropriate conditions.

Depending on individuals graft size, we use very fine punches 0.7-0.9 mm in order to minimize tissue damage. This is called micro-fue which allows high-density implantation and natural hairline creation.

No, please do not cut. We will cut on the day of surgery.

Yes, you should stop at least 10 days before and 10 days after the procedure. Please refer to the pre&post instruction forms.

Yes, you should stop at least 10 days before and 10 days after the procedure. Please refer to the pre&post instruction forms.

Yes, you should stop at least 10 days before and 10 days after the procedure. Please refer to the pre&post instruction forms.

If you are taking any medicine for any medical issue, you should inform your surgeon priorly. Doctor will decide and advise accordingly.

FUE hair transplant is a minimally invasive operation, and post-operational recovery is very fast. After the operation, only small scabs on the transplanted area and tiny red dots at the donor area can be observed.
Within 10-15 days after the operation, the donor & transplanted area will return to their normal appearance. Please refer the post-operative instruction form to see the full list.

Please do not expect any single result before the completion of 4 full months after the surgery. You will notice the very first result as of 5-6 months. 1 year and onwards the density will increase and you will notice a good progression till the end of 2 years.

The term ‘shock hair loss’, which generally occurs within the first 2 months after the operation, is defined as the period where all patients experience a temporary shedding of their newly transplanted hair.
We call this period as shock hair loss.
After this phase, permanent hair will start to grow.

You need to stay in doors around 10 days after the surgery in order to keep the transplanted and donor areas away from any kind of infectious sources.

What shall I notice after the surgery

To see the full list please refer to post-operative form

We advise our patients to stay in doors around 10 days immediately after the procedure. The main reason is to protect the recipient and donor areas from any kind of infectious sources. If your schedule is very busy and does not allow you stay in doors around 10 days. Please inform your doctor, he will advise accordingly.

Kindly refer to our After FUE hair transplantation page so as to read and follow our post operational instructions.
Briefly, for about 15 days, you should avoid bodybuilding or any other heavy workouts that can cause excessive sweating.
You should take a 1-month break for sports such as swimming or playing basketball, football, tennis, etc.

Your doctor will give you instructions regarding the appropriate medications or treatments to be used after the operation.
If the doctor advises you to take minoxidil, you should start applying it to your transplanted and donor area after recovery time.

After one month you can shorten your hair with a scissor or clipper.
We advise you to wait for six months to shave your hair with a razor blade.

Please do not scratch!

Immediately 10 days after the procedure: You can apply a gentle vertical pressure for 5-10 seconds with a sterile gauze.

After the 10th day: You can apply direct a gentle pressure and very gentle circular tocuh with your finger pulps.

If you experience minor pain after the hair transplant procedure, you can use a mild painkiller that has been prescribed by your doctor.

In the first 2 to 3 months following a hair transplant procedure, small lesions like pimples can be seen on the transplanted area. This is normal. They will disappear within few months.
They usually disappear on their own, without requiring any treatment.
If you experience any discomfort due to the lesions, please contact us so we can provide you with the necessary instructions on what you should do.

There is no constant medication in scalp MESOTHERAPY.

According to the pathology existing in each patient, treatments with different mechanisms of action, alone or in combination are chosen.

General principal is to avoid using many agents in a combination and to use minimum number of agents that will be sufficient for patient pathology.

Cocktails made with these ingredients, acts at the level of the dermal papilla. Mesotherapy Treatment regulates hair growth and stimulates the production of keratin.

The cocktail of vasodilator agents increase blood supply to the hair follicles by providing a functional microcirculation. In this way hair is revealed and getting thicker and sleek.

Vitamins and trace elements in cocktail prevent hair loss, regulate oil secretion and reduce dandruff formation. They also contribute with their antioxidant properties.

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