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Genetic Male Hair Loss

We call this genetic type of hair loss as Andro Genetic Alopecia (AGA) where ANDRO refers male hormone –testosterone- and GENETIC refers your present and past family member’s genetic legacy. It is quite understandable that mostly the patients tend to complain about their bad luck mentioning that they are the only family member suffering from hair loss that is why I prefer to call the issue as a genetic lottery!

DHT (di-hydro-testosterone) is the main cause for AGA; it is derived from serum testosterone and affects the entire scalp except the back of the head called as donor region. As the donor region hair follicles do not contain receptors to bind DHT hormone, they don’t fall entire life.

AGA could be progressive but the severity of your case is mostly determined by DHT sensitivity and your genetic tendency; it could be more active during hormone active ages 18-40. Generally, we do not expect further-intensive hair loss after ages 40-45 comparing your twenties. Any situation increasing the male hormone -testosterone- levels such as body building, increasing muscle size and using artificial proteins (protein shakes, protein bars etc.) could trigger further hair loss. If you are using artificial proteins please inform your surgeon before the operation.

Stress is one of the important issues which could affect the course of genetic hair loss. So, genetic hair loss has no predictable course. Due to your mood, hair loss may increase/decrease or even stop for a while till a triggering cause triggers the hair fall again.

The usual course of Andro Genetic Hair Loss is as seen in Norwood Classification:

Norwood Classification

If you have early stages of hair loss like type 2&3 and planning to have hair transplantation on these areas, you might also need additional procedures as this type of hair loss could be progressive. So, after the hair transplant surgery we advise maintenance therapies to take care of your existing hairs.

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What my patients say

I am Airat Khalirakhmanov. I am the head of the Surgery Department of the health-care unit of the Kazan Federal University. In November 2019, I attended an internship with Dr. Sezgin. He met me very good-naturedly and showed me all the details of the work in his clinic. He thoroughly performed the operation for hair transplantation, showed me all essential details and what we need to pay special attention during the surgery. This was a great discovery for me. He showed new opportunities, new horizons in hair transplantation. The level of his performance impressed me very much. A lot of things, that I saw in Dubai, in his clinic, amazed me. Therefore, I highly recommend contacting Dr. Sezgin like a master of your craft. I really liked what I saw and how it's done and it struck me from a professional point of view of hair transplantation. In addition, the doctor is a very good-natured and helpful colleague, so I highly recommend him.

Airat Khalirakhmanov
Hair Transplant Surgeon

Assalam u alaikum Dr. SezginThank you so much for examining and dedicating precious time to me.I saw your work on Insta. You are really an Artist.Once again thank you so much for valuable suggestion and time.Nice to meet you. Allah Bless you.


I have done an FUE hair transplant with Dr Cagatay SEZGIN; I m pretty happy with the amazing result. My hair looks dense, natural and smooth even people can not tell the difference. Now I understand very well why they call him as ‘celebrity hair transplant surgeon’I highly recommend Dr Sezgin to anybody who’s planning to have hair transplant in Dubai. Wish you all my best doc! 

Ali Alaskar
Emirates Airline Captain Dubai

I had the pleasure of doing a hair transplant with Dr C SEZGIN  I can only say good thing about Dr Sezgin and the clinic. Dr. Sezgin took personal time to explain the surgery and helped me make my decision. I felt comfortable with him because contrary to many others HE SPECIALIZES IN HAIR AND HAS DONE SO FOR 20 YEARS. He also is a full time in Dubai and has a lovely clinic which helped me feel safe in case of any post-operative care.I can only praise Dr. Sezgin. He is very competent, very flexible and very friendly. One can feel his experience by his confidence. His staff are great also, some of them having been with him for years. They make a great team and can’t praise them enough.

D. B.
Airline Captain Dubai

I have heard a lot about Dr. SEZGIN. As I have been seeing too many bad & fake looking results around, frankly I was scaring to undergo a hair transplant. After I met with Dr. Sezgin he convinced me with his confidence and experience. He is really one of the experienced hair transplant surgeons besides he is only performing hair transplant surgeries. I had one session of FUE and was transplanted around 4500 graft.Thanks Dr. Sezgin for the glowing life changing results.

Craig Gallagher

I’ve done a hair transplant with Dr. Cagatay Sezgin; I’m very happy with the very good results, my hair looks very nice natural and smooth. And may family very happy for that.I highly recommend to anybody who’s planning to have hair transplant in Dubai. Thanks a lot doc!

Mohamed Sayed Ahmed
Ministry of Education – Egypt
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