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We generally evaluate the medical therapies for Andro Genetic Hair fall in three main


Medicines & products: We prescribe some oral (Finasteride tb etc.) and topical (finasteride & minoxidil etc.) medicines and multi vitamins some hair care products to stop hair fall and stimulate the hair regrowth. Your Dr will decide which to prescribe accordingly your case and will discuss about benefits and possible side effects.

Laser Therapy: Laser is one of the most powerful treatment modalities in the world. The scientific background for this therapy is to stimulate tissue regeneration by light energy. It is approved by US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and called as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). There are two types of laser device in the market: one for personal use at home and one for Clinic use. Clinic use lasers are generally more powerful then personal use laser devices.

Clinical Therapies: These therapies are clinical therapies aiming to stop hair fall and stimulate the hair regrowth again. We evaluate these therapies in two main topics:

1-Systemic therapies: Which we intra venously infuse some vitamins, minerals and amino acids to boost your hair regrowth and to stop hair fall. It is an outpatient therapy, no need to stay in clinic and it doesn’t affect your daily routine. It’s a one-hour therapy.

2-Topical therapies: Which we apply some medicines -called in general hair stimulator factors -directly on the scalp which will reduce & stop hair fall and stimulate & boost your hair regrowth. It could be applied by direct micro injection and/or without injection on the scalp.

Here are some most popular and effective topical therapies:

-PRP (plasma): which we draw your own blood and separate the cells which will stimulate hair regrowth and will reduce-stop hair loss. These cells which stimulate hair growth are called PLATELET

-Acell: This is one of the latest therapies. It is a powder like substance comes in a vial which we dilute and micro inject directly in to the problematic areas. This substance is derived from pork tissue and is one of the strongest products to stimulate tissue healing and regrowth mostly by means of stem cell stimulation. Depending on your case once or twice per annum is advisable.

Hair Filler: This product is also one of the latest therapies. This product comes ready to inject syringes to inject directly on the problematic areas. This product contains some growth factors which will stimulate hair regrowth and reduce-stop hair fall. As this product provides sustained release its effect last longer than others.

Growth Factors: There are some circulating factors in human body called as Growth Factors which carry tissue healing-regulating signals. These are neither hormones nor vitamins-minerals. The growth factor that we apply as hair loss treatment are specifically chosen among the growth factors which stimulates hair regrowth and stop hair loss. This product comes in a vial, in liquid form. We directly apply this product -without injection- on the
scalp after opening the pores of the skin with a special device.


As you are experiencing a genetic hair loss which might last up to age 50-55, you might need to repeat these therapies -which are customized accordingly your needs by your doctor- during hair fall times. You may also assume these therapies like a fuel that you put in to your car’s tank. Fuel will eventually finish and you have to fill it back to make a progress. Genetic hair loss is mostly triggered by stress and during stressful times hair fall may peak. There are some signs of approaching hair fall. You may feel itchiness, pain like sensation, soreness and/or sensitivity on your scalp and hair roots. When you feel any of these signs after completion of medical therapy you have to ask your Dr’s advice whether you need additional treatment or not. Don’t worry your Dr will guide you accordingly

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Dr. Cagatay SEZGIN
American Aesthetic Medical Center